SSCD 7027

SSCD 7027

Let Me Be A Man
SSCD 7027
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George Soule was a radio DJ and cut some indie 45s before he joined Malaco as a writer, producer and drummer. Moving to Muscle Shoals Sound in 1969, he penned songs for a string of soul stars and even graced the R&B charts himself with ‘Get Involved’ on Fame Records in 1973. This album features 26 masters and songwriter demos he recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound in the golden era. Liner notes by John Ridley.

01  Cross My Heart


02  Let Me Be A Man


03  Walking In Water Over Our Heads

04  So Glad You Happened To Me PLAY
05  What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me  
06  You Can't Stop A Man In Love  
07  How Many Times  
08  Better Make Use Of What You Got  
09  Catch Me, I'm Falling  
10  I'm Only Human  
11  Let It Come Naturally PLAY
12  Love At First Sight  

13  You Make The World I Live In


14  You Can Always Get It Where You Got It


15  There's More Where That Came From

16  Sitting On Top Of The World  
17  Right Where You Left Me  
18  If You Really Love Him  
19  It's Just A Matter Of Time PLAY
20  Shoes  
21  It Don't Take Much  
22  I Can't Help It  
23  24 Hours A Day  
24  My World Tumbles Down PLAY
25  After The Feeling Is Gone PLAY

26  Poor Boy Blue